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Animal Chiropractic and Natural Health Care 







This is Dr. Larry Allen…

River Dance Ranch’s “Equine Performance Chiropractor”


If it’s got a “Spine”, Dr. Allen will adjust it!


Animals love chiropractic care - especially when it's Dr. Larry Allen making the adjustments! 

You expect a lot from your horse, and you know he's willing to give his all to you. 

Shouldn't you give him every opportunity to perform at those high levels?  Chiropractic adjustments can give horses the edge!

 Ever wonder how Dr. Allen does Chiropractic on our Equine friends… contact River Dance Ranch for a clinic schedule with Dr. Allen and find out first hand.


Below you’ll find a few examples of Dr. Allen’s clients here on our ranch… he has quite an assortment of loyal patients!


Assisting Dr. Larry Allen is the Owner of River Dance Ranch, Bill Barnett


(Most of our ‘Lesson Horses’ are named after sweet candy bars… the kids love it!)

Mr. Goodbar                     


(back/shoulder aligning (left), neck/spine aligning middle), a happy boy! (right))


Mr. GoodBar is one of our dear old Children’s Riding Lesson horses, he didn’t necessarily have any chiropractic problems,

but we do like to keep him in fine shape and feeling good since he is one of the children’s favorites…

he has never taken a bad step or shown any bad attitude with Dr. Allen working keeping his performance in ‘alignment’.



Mr. Skittles                   


(Before Dr. Allen’s care, Mr. Skittles could hardly get across the round pen without taking the chance of falling (left), alignment starts (middle),

After expert care from Dr. Allen, Mr. Skittles is enjoying life again pain free! (right))


This is old Mr. Skittles (Skittles because he “skittled” all over the place when he first got here!  Poor fella!), he had some very severe needs when he came to us to be used as a Children’s Riding Lesson horse, Mr. Skittles had fallen in the recent rains at his prior home and severely put his hip out of place… the poor owners didn’t realize, as so many don’t, that possible chiropractic care might align him and take care of this problem!  We called Dr. Allen to come work on Mr. Skittles, and within a few short weeks, Mr. Skittles was pain free and a usable working boy again!



Ms. BonBon Blue                       


(shoulder/spine aligning (left), neck/spine aligning (middle)… a little kiss to thank the Dr. for a pain free life! (right))


Then there is Blue… my long time friend and personal riding horse, she has also been used as a favorite lesson horse here at RDR, she had some back and leg  issues, for years we thought they might be hoof and leg problems, so, we attempted to treat the situation with ‘proper shoes’… thinking that was the problem, but she came up lame more and more as the years went by, until we couldn’t use her anymore, breaking our hearts, because we knew that this was the ‘beginning of the end’… a last ditch effort to solve this problem that for years had plagued her with pain, brought us to Dr. Allen again … with Dr. Allen’s treatment, our beloved Blue is on the road to a pain free life and hasn’t taken a lame step since he started working on her, her back was so out of alignment that she cracked like a shotgun when he aligned her!  She is now a lesson horse again, and working on her “Mounted Posse” lessons to become a Mounted Posse instruction horse!  Now, if that isn’t a testimonial and change, then you come see her, and decide for yourself!  We couldn’t be happier!


Next is a mare named Ms. Scamp.  She is not one of the ranches lesson horse’s, she is one of our valued performance mares.   She was bred for the first time this past year, and she was injured during that breeding, her spine was ‘dinged’ by the stallions hoof upon mounting… leaving an adhesion/bump on her spine, and inability to step right since… filling her days full of pain, lameness and limping where ever she went!   Lets go see what Dr. Allen can do for her… she hasn’t taken a sound step nor had a pain free day since the accident happened …

we have tried vet care, and all sorts of medical remedies, magnets improved her a lot, but still, the problem is there.

Ms. Scamp            




Ms. Scamp was a real challenge… as a performance horse or even a broodmare, she was useless unless Dr. Allen could get her adjusted as he did the other horses!  Lets see what happens next…  Horses are aligned and adjusted much as humans are… just on a larger scale… a really good Chiropractor can make the difference for the patient, whether it’s a horse or person!

Although Ms. Scamp is still in some ‘high maintenance’ care with Dr. Allen, she has improved so dramatically… she may never recover from the injury, but we know that Dr. Allen will do all he can to get her to her ‘peak’ at this point … Ms. Scamp has sure been given many enjoyable days since she started her therapy!

Thank you Dr. Allen… Ms. Scamp has many good years ahead of her through your help!

(Ms. Scamp is Ms. BonBon Blue’s 4 yr old daughter!)


Now… for the rest of the story……………..


These are just a few of the horses that have benefited from Dr. Larry Allen’s Chiropractic help…



We couldn’t tell whether each of these horses were giving a nice big hug for the Dr., or just showing great tolerance of the therapy…

Either way, not many horses would allow this, Dr. Allen has a special way with them all, and they don’t seem to mind!!!  


If you’re looking for more performance from your horse, chiropractic care may be the answer!


Whether its:



Head Shaking

Bad Attitude

Irregular Gait

Cinchy Behavior

Difficult Lead Changes

Are you aware that these problems and more can cause a loss of weight, and depression, or nasty temperament in your equine friend! 


Dr. Larry Allen has been helping horses perform at their highest levels for over 10 yrs

Whatever the trouble is, let Dr. Allen make “Your Best Horse… Better!”


With so many horses in Dr. Allen’s care… I have to say, his treatments are not cost prohibitive… he is quite reasonable… and considering the cost of replacing any one of our valued working girls and guys, the cost is very reasonable!!


Dr. Larry Allen is an animal lover who also happens to be a chiropractor.

Call today:  (888) 9HORSE9



****    River Dance Ranch advises the use of Artificial Insemination to cut down on life changing injuries and death for both Stallion (mares can give some pretty life  changing kicks to the studs too, making a gelding out of a champion stud quick!) and Mares (remember Ms. Scamps injury), we would advise you to call “Badger Training Center” for information on ‘AI’ for stallions and mares.

Contact:   Jauni Badger at Badger Training Center, email: