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Horse Theft Scam


New Horse Theft Scam! with the price of American horsemeat rising due to Foot and Mouth Disease in Europe, the horse theft business is growing. The scenario goes like this: Truck and trailer appear at your barn. A man gets out and heads toward the barn. If intercepted by anyone, he takes out a "court order" that horses are being seized because of "abuse". Most people are traumatized - but unless the actual owner is present, this man can walk away with the horse. However, if the owner is present, they will say something like "Obviously I was sent to the wrong place. This/These horse(s) are not the ones I'm supposed to pick up." Then they leave, taking their phony "court order" with them. The easiest way to handle the situation is to simply call the police, explain the circumstances and ask them to be present at the seizure.


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